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(n.) A unit of one female and 4+ males that hangs out together. Held together because the girl is leading all of them on simultaneously.
Between classes, Meg received a massage from two members of her sexual tension solar system.
by nolandc August 31, 2019

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Influential, aggressive males under 5'7. Value respect and allegiance above all else. Often hard-working and aggressive as an outcome of compensation. When you come across one, you can just tell: their favorite character in the film Shrek is Lord Farquaad.

An attractive trait if monitored. Despotic if left unchecked.
Fiona: His empire is hot but his insecurity is not.
Lucy: He's got serious Lord Farquaad Energy.
by nolandc August 13, 2019

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(n) the wrinkle that develops on the forehead when meetings encroach on your afternoon snack break.

So called due to the Victorian England tradition of a late afternoon "high tea" and toast after hours of labor.
Cynthia had developed a high tea wrinkle after our strategy meeting went over by 30 minutes.
by nolandc August 30, 2019

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(n.) A wealthy neighborhood or region, named after what its spoiled children see when they spot Orion’s Belt in the sky.

The backyards in Orion's Gucci Belt may smell vaguely of George Bush's breath. It's an urban legend that the people who live in Orion's Gucci Belt root for financial crises and own large birds of prey that steal from the poor.
Person 1: "Wanna go to Chipotle?"
Person 2: "This is not the Rust Belt. This is Orion’s Gucci Belt. We feast at the Cheesecake Factory."
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by nolandc September 26, 2019

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(n.) a personality that conveys significant trust fund assets.

Heir auras cluster at parties to observe each other with their heads tilted upwards at 3°-angles. Luscious flowing hair, a relaxed stare and a tan from St. Belvedere are common traits among heir auras. Appear to be on vacation at all times of the year.
In his sleep, the heir aura muttered "my father's wealth is hefty” and spooned a family heirloom.
by nolandc September 15, 2019

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(n.) A phrase often shouted at pregames, "1 if by subway, 2 if by Uber" is a management technique to cluster the party into people taking public transport and those taking a taxi to go out.

A play on Paul Revere's "1 if by land, 2 if by sea" exclamation from 1774. Happens to be a convenient proxy to segment the group into the wealthy and poor.
Jim: "1!"
Maddox Witcroft, IV: "What a peasant."
by nolandc September 12, 2019

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(n.) A group of middle-aged men with tucked-in shirts and hiked-up shorts.

They tend to cluster at social gatherings to vent about their children or work. Most frequently spotted in pockets of Suburban America, the clustertuck is an endangered social unit due to the rise of Millennial fashion trends.
The clustertuck discussed IT solutions at a backyard bbq.
by nolandc August 30, 2019

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