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(n.) how good you are at texting back.

There are different levels of sendgame. Elite sendgame is known as “time travel texting” — responding so quickly that it appears you went back in time to think of reply. Most individuals have mid-tier sendgame with 1-6 hour response times. Atrocious sendgame is known as “Amazon Prime texting” — offering standard reply times of 2 days for qualifying friends.
Devon: "How's his pull-out game?"
Lana: "It's heinous. But his sendgame is on point."
by nolandc September 20, 2019
(n.) The act of lifting one's empty fist to the mouth, in order to replicate the act of taking a Juul hit. Performed by individuals who forgot their Juul at home or have run out of Juul pods.

Like when toddlers suck their thumbs, Juul mimes are acts of muscle memory in moments of desire. A Juul-mimer may be delusional and dangerous, and may also be fidgeting and, more rarely, foaming at the mouth.
Person 1: Steven Juul mimed all night.

Person 2: Ya, and then he threatened Lisa.
by nolandc September 16, 2019
(n.) a way to express the darker side of someone

Named after Clifford the Big Red Dog's hood personality.
I lost it when Jeff told me he forgot the wine bottler. I went all Clifford the Blood Red Dawg.
by nolandc September 16, 2019
The cold and lonely chill of speaking to a guy who believes he can impersonate Matthew McConaughey and is dead set on showing you.

The victim of Alright Alright Fright may gag, shiver, and hustle out of the pregame, haunted.
Tom gave Becca Alright Alright Fright when he slithered into the living room and hissed "Alright, alright, alright."
by nolandc October 3, 2019
(n.) a way to refer to the group of friends you're most comfortable and familiar being around.

The bread and wine are a mixture of your "day 1's", "BFFs", "bros", and "OGs." They represent the flesh and blood of your friend group.
Person 1: Who's coming?
Person 2: The bread and wine.
by nolandc September 12, 2019
A subconcious train of thought that expresses admiration for Apple products. Often recited in high school hallways, college campuses, and fat commutes.

The Apple Prayer: "Airpods have changed my life; Please end my strife with a new Apple Watch. Thank you, god, for Apple Cash. Oh, lmao, Siri's trash."
Damian gave an Apple Prayer before his exam.
by nolandc October 3, 2019
A euphemism to describe someone extremely tall.
Jim is hella foot.

Karen is like, hella foot ten.
by nolandc August 31, 2019