The ruler of Duloc in the Shrek movie series. Aka "that nigga." Farquaad is very short and it is noted in the movie that he is probably compensating for something. Known to have popped a boner when his magic mirror showed him a picture of Princess Fiona.
Lord Farquaad sent Shrek and Donkey to rescue Princess Fiona so that he could marry her and become a king. Little did he know that she was actually an ogre.
by Ty Does Moose Stuff August 29, 2016
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Lord farquaad is a straight up bitch ass motherfucker that wants to fuck Fiona and hates shrek. Also used as a insult
Some Rando: your ugly
You: says you, you Lord Farquaad lookin ass bitch.
by ...welp shit. November 22, 2019
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Someone who is extra freaky instead of saying daddy they say Lord Farquaad
by BTSisLIFEU October 18, 2017
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A guy named Jake that has renamed his name to Lord Farquaad. He has a big booty and long, black chest hair. He is the most sexy beast in all the land. He is an ogre lord who eats onion layers in Shrek's face. Shrek is Jay. Jay is gay. Gay Jay always wants to play. Lord Farquaad is person who kills Shrek's ills with pills then kills Shrek with bills.
Lord Farquaad is Shreks best friend but enemy.
by bamljcjm June 19, 2019
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The extraordinarily handsome Lord from Shrek 1. Actually besties with shrek just really good at acting and no I am not short thank you very much.
Lord Farquaad is the best character from Shrek
by TheRealLordFarquaad August 16, 2021
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Omg do you know the character Lord Farquaad

Yeah he’s literally just like Marco
by Wowicantdance April 3, 2019
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