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1) A version of the UNIX operating system with Apple's Aqua GUI on top of it.

2) Proof that the people at Apple couldn't hack it at creating their own OS (evidenced by the supreme shittyness of OS 9 and earlier versions, which were inferior even to Windows 95), so they desperately turned to the powerful and respected UNIX to be their saving grace.

3) Oh, and they couldn't hack it with their own chips either, so they went and switched to the same Intel chips that consistently gave PC's the edge in performance for years.

4) An OS that is supposedly safer than Windows... my foot. Mr. Proud to own a mac 's passionate little flame message does little to refute what was said earlier. The bottom line is that Macintoshes make up some 2% of the personal computer market share, so it's a matter of logistics rather than security. And don't give me that root password crap. Any computer can be infected if someone puts enough effort into it. And here's some breaking news for you all: Systematic, a leading computer security provider, reports that Mac OS X is actually less secure than Windows XP. Yeah. That's right.
Face it Mac zealots, you know these to be true. Frankly, I pity you guys for wasting all that money on a product that costs more, runs much less software, is oversimplified, and requires you to spend a lot of money time and again whenever a new version comes out. You have to at least give Microsoft some credit for releasing service packs FOR FREE.

And, it's hilarious how you fanboys all preach the supposed greatness of Apple when they had to turn to outside technologies to make the holy Mac OS X.
by no7orious December 23, 2007

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Think about it... If God exists, he would be the greatest slave owner in existence.
"Hi, I'm God. I created the world and everyone in it for the sole purpose of having them worship and serve me for life in the hopes that I will save them from myself."

How does this make sense to people at all?
by no7orious May 14, 2009

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An operating system that, while elegant, easy to use, and powerful, is worshipped by idiots who probably who once owned PC's and don't care at all about online safety. People who switched to Macs and say that PC's freeze "all the time" probably have a shitload of viruses, spyware, adware, and other crap infecting their PC's.

Mac worshippers who think that Mac OS X is "safer" than Windows need to get their shit straight - people who create spyware and viruses naturally want to infect as many people as possible... and what computer do most people use? PC's!!! They don't want to waste their time making viruses for computers that not many people use - they focus on the majority! Therefore, Macs themselves are not safer, it's the people creating the spyware saving your computers' lives. You Mac users should consider yourselves lucky rather than superior.
Ignorant Mac User: Hey, Mac OS X is way better and safer than Windows XP!

PC user: That's because the people who write spyware didn't even consider making any for your operating system, dumbass.
by no7orious October 26, 2005

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One of the best Gameboy games ever made (I'm talking about the Red, Blue, and Yellow versions). Not quite sure about the latest ones, though.

However, the Pokemon T.V. series, the cards, and the console games are downright horrible.
While the show sucks and the cards and console games are pathetic, I still belive the old pokemon gameboy games are some of the best in my collection.
by no7orious January 03, 2006

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1. A personality type that is well-defined by other definitions here

2. Describes a certain look or style, especially when someone dresses in the most tasteless fashion possible.

3. What the vast majority of the guys at my school dressed like at the senior prom.
Wow, look at Tom over there, wearing a backwards-facing baseball cap with his tuxedo. And there's Damon, dressed like a total poser with his gaudy and trashy-looking wannabe-pimp outfit and bling bling. I don't think anyone could look anymore like a douchebag than those two.
by no7orious July 02, 2009

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The name "United States" is used when speaking positively about the country. "America" is used when speaking negatively about the country. Just my observations.

For negative definitions on this country, see America.
Compare these two sentences:

"The United States is a country that tries to do good in this world."

"America is the most messed up and oil-hungry nation on the planet."
by no7orious February 09, 2006

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The current governor of California. Republican; yet more liberal than average, making him more popular with the people than the average republican in left-wing California.

He's relentlessly criticized and attacked by the messed-up teacher's unions for "taking money away from the schools," when in fact he did not anything away at all. He simply did not pay them as much as what they are used to getting, which may be a good thing.

The commercials and attack ads against him are claiming to be in favor of helping with the students' needs, but in reality it just a way for the teachers to get people to help them satisfy their greed. It's not about the students... it's the money.

The teacher unions are also against Schwarzenegger's plan for paying the teachers based on performance. Don't you think bad teachers should be paid less than good ones?

Please people, you all claim that Schwarzenegger isn't helping with the budget crisis, but do you know why he doesn't seem to be helping? BECAUSE OF THE WORKERS AND TEACHERS UNIONS! The special-interest groups are in fact an obstacle in the way of solving the budget problem. By supporting them, you are just screwing California even more!

Trust me, if Gray Davis was still the governor, we would be a lot worse off.
Though I am a republican, I generally respect democrats' opinions, if they are intelligent, that is. I expect this definition to be voted down by blind liberal fools who won't even consider stopping and hearing what some of us have to say. If you actually stop to think about what's written above, you might understand the logic. Or you may not. Oh well, thanks for reading.

I, for one, like Arnold Schwarzenegger, but I loathe George W. Bush.
by no7orious September 29, 2005

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