The a e s t h e t i c operating system. Hits you hard with nostalgia when you hear the start-up jingle.
Nerd 1: Yo, I just upgraded to Windows 10, and it's amazing!
Nerd 2: Pfft! Does it sound like this when you start it up? *Plays The Windows Sound from Windows 95*
Nerd 1: Wow! I need to ditch this garbage and get that instead!
by orange_husky April 4, 2020
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32 bit extensions and a graphical shell for a

16 bit patch to an

8 bit operating system originally coded for a

4 bit microprocessor, written by a

2 bit company, that can't stand

1 bit of competition.
A new navy unmanned boat has sunk due to an error with its Windows 95 operating system.
by Severin Victor May 4, 2004
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The staple the held Windows ME together.
Cause of many crashes.
AKA. My first OS
Ouch dude I can’t believe you use Win 95
by Id November 8, 2004
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Bug or wordComputer Virus/word
Like a virus, Windows 95 eats up valuable system resources, screw up ur hard drive, but Windows 95 is not a virus. A virus is well supported by its author and has a fast code. Windows is not a virus, its a bug
by noone November 2, 2003
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