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One who refuses to adhere to or conform to the ways and standards of others, and thus has instead decided to live by his/her own unique standards and unorthodox practices just like all the other unique and unorthodox individualists.
"I'm not very much of an individualist."
by nethcev! August 26, 2006

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An infinite resource which, despite its limitless reserves, few of us ever seem to have enough of.

There is nothing before me, and nothing behind.
I have nothing to lose, but yet nothing to find.
by nethcev! August 17, 2006

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A holy war of liberation and oil.
Operation "Iraqi Freedom"
by nethcev! April 29, 2004

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Man’s most misunderstood culinary achievement.
Alcohol can be found in countless things that makes your day either better or worse.
by nethcev! August 20, 2006

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One who believes that the business, personal affairs and destiny of his/her comparatively weak neighbor, could and should be more efficiently managed through the forcible intervention and operational restructuring of an outside influence, namely, the power that said imperialist represents. This, the imperialist believes, would inevitably prove to be advantageous to both parties.
Although history is filled with such individuals, three in particular stand out among the most prominent of imperialists.
1) Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821); Emperor of France, master of Europe.
2) Genghis Khan (1167-1227); commander of the “Golden Horde”, self-proclaimed and unchallenged “universal ruler”.
3) Howard Schultz (1953---?); chairman and chief global strategist of Starbucks, the leading retailer, roaster and brand of specialty coffee in the world.
by nethcev! August 13, 2006

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An insignificant facial expression which is intended to suggest feelings of euphoria, satisfaction or relaxed complacency to others, but in actuality, more often serves as a social mask to disguise one’s true feelings.
Oh villain, villain, smiling, damned Villain!
My tables - meet it is I set it down,
That one may smile, and smile, and be a villain;
At least I'm sure it may be so in Denmark

Hamlet, Shakespeare

by nethcev! September 05, 2006

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The occurrence of what one might describe to be something of the nature of a momentous disaster which later provokes heart wrenching sorrow. Some examples of what may correctly be deemed to be “tragic” might include; unrequited love, premature death, or game six of the 2003 National League Championship.
"All perform their tragic play, there struts Hamlet, there is Lear." Yeats
by nethcev! October 01, 2006

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