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a friend who rides in a car with a group of females after the bar closes to ensure they come back to your house for a late night gathering. The stowaway helps thwart the negative energy carried by the overly cautious fat, or bitchy female of the group who thinks they should just go home.
I wasn't sure if those girls were actually going to come back to our place after the bar closed. Fortunately, Uncle Bob talked his way into their car and became a stowaway.
by Alfonso P. Mclean March 03, 2008
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Verb. To silently fart after someone else has already farted and let them take full blame.
Did you just stowaway on my fart?
by jtr803 February 18, 2018
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Noun - The bit of toilet paper left in the crack of a woman's ass. It normally rides undetected until discovered by the woman's lover. Said lover then must decide to do one of three things:

1. Clandestinely pluck it out and act like it was never there, then try to shake off the disturbing visual without losing his erection.

2. Do nothing but stare at it like a beacon while simultaneously supressing the urge to laugh and/or cry.

3. Pull out immediately, hands to the heavens, lamenting "Game over man! Game over!"
Hugh: "So how did it go with Bree last night? You hit that or what?"

Jasper: "Oh MAN! She had a stowaway. When I saw that I lost my hard-on faster than your Mom hits her knees."

by SwordofDamocles November 25, 2010
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An uneaten item of food still in your mouth hours after you thought you'd eaten it.
Always rinse your mouth out after eating to avoid stowaways.
by maidhcil mac fheorais September 22, 2007
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When attempting to fart, and a turd accidentally slips out, you have a stow away.
man, i had a stow away at work, and i wasn't even prairie dogging before that!
by montizzle! March 06, 2007
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(n) (stoh-uh-wey) - the small remainder of a bowel movement that doesn't leave with the rest of the movement; it leaves the feeling that although the vast majority of the fecal matter in the colon has been evacuated, there remains a small but not negligible amount still present
I would have felt great after that dump, but I had a stowaway, and almost pulled something getting rid of it.
by the Progrum May 22, 2010
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The act of hiding a used condom in your partners purse or bag after perfoming coitus
Man, that girl caught the stowaway i left in her bag... she's pissed now!
by deeznuts123 June 06, 2010
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