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Chav: a type of person who lacks the intelligence to be able to speak or write proper english, uses words, if they are proper words such as 'blingin', 'mingin' etc
You will normally find them outside McDonalds. Their favourite hobbies: picking on anybody who has a brain, having underage sex with no protection, getting drunk, starting a fight with some random person who has done nothing to them except say "hi".
A chav can be quite easily be identified by their clothing. A Burberry (from the local market- 99p, a bargain!) cap, a Nickelson t shirt, and a Schott hoodie, with adidas tracksuit bottoms rolled into their white nike socks and wearing nike trainers. Female chavs tend to have their hair in a tight bun or ponytail witht the help of several cans of hairspray, their face will be painted in cheap makeup; layer and layers of cheap foundation, mascara and eyeliner. Chavs enjoy showing off their "bling". "Bling" often looks like chocolate coins & is costs £1.99 from Argos. It often appears in the form of over-sized, fake-gold hoop earrings. Favourite jobs of chavs: drug dealer, McDonalds worker, prostitute, page 3 'model'. Chavs are also known as: 'scum', 'idiots' and any other insult there is on this earth.
You can tell if someone is a chav or not mostly by their attitude. They think that anyone who doesn't listen to "their" music is a grunger. They think that Burberry is the height of fashion & they look down on anyone who isn't exactly like them. How to humiliate a chav: ask them to recite the alphabet.
by mj February 14, 2005
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1. the end product of a males penis after having sex with a woman with her period
"but mike we cant have sex unless you want to come out all COCK LOBSTER, i have my period"
by mj March 31, 2005
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A bad-ass who is a natural when it comes to rock star attitude and behavior.
by mj August 14, 2003
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when MJ allows Ryan to believe he is right when in fact, he is not.
MJ compromised about the car rental conversation on the phone tonight when Ryan didn't listen to orignally was said.
by mj January 25, 2005
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Its the type of music that Ciara has started with Goodies.
Snoop: what is that music??
Ciara: Its crunk and b
Snoop: thats good shit
by mj February 2, 2005
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The type of pizza that is usualy mistaken for delivery.
Wife: You dumbass I told you not to get delivery.
Husband: It's not delivery it's delisio.
Wife: Stop lying, your such a bad husband.. Get out of my house.
by mj July 7, 2004
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The acronym for "extemely intoxicated." Although this usually applies to one who has indulged in large ammounts of alcohol, it may also apply to one who is otherwise intoxicated (i.e. drugs, pills, etc.).
Dude, APD throws the sickest parties! Everybody is E.I. by the end of those ragers!
by mj April 30, 2005
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