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when MJ allows Ryan to believe he is right when in fact, he is not.
MJ compromised about the car rental conversation on the phone tonight when Ryan didn't listen to orignally was said.
by MJ January 25, 2005
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one who constantly smokes weed, drinks, and fucks bitches
did you hit that you Big Ern?
by MJ April 9, 2004
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Jumping up in down while have sex with someone. Usualy used by people with ADD
I love jumping for joy. It feels so good. Today im gonna jump for joy with Sam.
by MJ July 7, 2004
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means some smelly leaper who lives in a cardboard box in the back of an ally who would do anything for a shag. the poleglass version of malone road is living in a blue bin! be afraid if ever walking throu! WATCH YOUR SHOES!!!
by MJ November 25, 2004
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an odd job bob a job bob does odd jobs for the odd bob, or to put it a different way - A person who never has a propper job and makes money by doing odd jobs here and there, for example painting Alberts shed for a tenner or washing cars for a quid a time. Usually they make most of their money by claiming dole though, and only do odd jobs because they get paid cash in hand.
Dave: That Bob is a right odd job bob a job bob
John: Hows that then?
Dave: 'Cuz he does odd jobs for the odd bob.
by MJ October 27, 2003
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The mean kids at my school who wont stop beating me up just becaus i wear trousers pulled up to my chest, a pink bow tie, huge glasses and orange shoes from giant tiger.
One day i hope us regular kids will stand up to those mean bullies. That will teach them a lesson.
by MJ July 7, 2004
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Getting Yavuzed is NOT fun. Being Yavuzed on can mean one of two things:

1) You get hit on by a really REALLY freakish pedophile who likes girls who are one year younger then them (Though decades smarter like MJ for example.) in an MSN instant message conversation with that stupid blushing emoticon that makes me want to HURL.


2) You get rubed/touched/fondled/groaped/smeared/smooshed/rubed/licked/grinded/splorted/smeared/glomped/huggled/snuggled/penetrated/caressed/kissed/molestered by a Yavuz or any other anoying homophobic life form.

I have been Yavuzed on *Sniff* Its quite sad.
You Yavuzed on my lunch! Im telling the teacher.

Stop Yavuzing me!

Ack! My celuloid got Yavuzed on! Now all I can do is limp around with an electromagnetic poodle skirt!
by MJ June 5, 2004
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