The outcome following a process or event.
It'll all work out in the wash
by M Burgess August 7, 2007
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It's usually used when a good player starts playing the game again after a long period of time and it makes them look like they just got the game.
Mark was washed after not playing the game in over 2 years.
by miragexl December 9, 2020
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A place where stoners, taggers, and hobos hang out at. The word "wash" comes from a slang term meaning drain wash, or the sewer. The Wash usually refers to the ones with a tunnel where they can do they thang.
Stoner: Yo man we're hittin' up The Wash a little later to hit Stony's new pipe.
Tagger: Aye mayne we postin' up at The Wash downtown tonight, you down?
Hobo: Stop thrown' rocks at my tent you crazy teenagers!!!
by D33ZIE BABI3 February 8, 2011
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A term used to describe a driver whose once top-end abilities have since dwindled to the point that they now frequent the lower divisions.
Example: That Charlie guy is so washed
by Mo-Bot May 24, 2021
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A cancelling-out or balancing effect. An incident where nothing is gained and nothing is lost, a draw.
I won fifty bucks at blackjack, but lost fifty in poker, so I called it a wash and went home.
by gogoacidfish October 18, 2008
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To beat someone up or win a fight over another
by Jack Doe August 1, 2005
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