Donnie: Ayo dawg, the bitch that I was wit last night was wylinnnn bro she loved doing nasal.
Mikey: I mean, hey, the coke fiends are always the best in bed.
by fairyfaggot February 28, 2021
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Nasal intercourse where a man sticks his penis in the womans nose
Push for nasal! Everybody must get nasal!
by Joe January 17, 2005
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To fuck someone up their nose.
"I gave my girl some mighty nasal last night, and now she's all stopped up."
by KaiserMonkey August 22, 2003
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acronym invented by me, stands for Name, Age, Sex And Location.
Anon1: hey whats ur n.a.s.a.l?
Anon2: sarah 17 f uk
by Trademarked July 30, 2005
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nasal means your nostrils not nasal sex it never meant nasal sex before. its the inside of your nose as in nasal cavity , cavity meaning hole.
guy 1: who started this whole thing about nasal meaning sex?
guy 2: I know right! anyone that went to school would know it's your nostrils and the inside of your nose.
guy 1: good thing we know this.
by hands off July 5, 2018
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An adjective used to describe the way one's voice sounds with a cold, or with a stuffy nose.
Jaymizzle: Forgive my voice, I have a cold so my voice is all nasally.

Ryanocerous: No prob. 10 char.
by Ryanocerous July 11, 2008
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