MTV series made by pro-skater & former 'Jackass' star Bam Margera. The series follows Bam & the West Chester crew through their unreal lives as they pull pranks on friends & family, & wreak havoc on the general community.

While many people consider this show very funny, it has many detractors & is definitely not a show everyone will like, much like it's MTV relations, Jackass & Wildboyz.
"Did you see 'Viva la Bam' on the weekend?"

"Yeah man, that was fucking funny when they dug the tunnel under Vito's house!"
by Pretty Like Murder April 23, 2005
Retarded TV show in which a sellout gets to moon around the stage getting paid to do stupid shit. None of it is real! None! It's all on script! Mildly entertaining if you don't have any paint to watch dry.
::Stabs Bam Margera, star of Viva la Bam::
by el d4nt3 October 26, 2005
Very funny show in which skater and former 'Jackass' star Bam Margera does stupid stuff that makes many people, including me, laugh. Often does stuff that pisses his uncle Don Vito off, such as hanging his car up in a tree.
Viva La Bam is like Jackass, but better.

Bam Margera: what will he do next?
'Whatever the fuck I want."
by AJAW July 4, 2004
one of the funniest shows on tv. those who don't like it are probably too mature to understand. we're lucky to have the show, at least SOMEONE out there is willing to make others laugh. you can't go out and say lame-o little skaters watch it, because half of the people that watch it don't even skate. maybe we just want to make ourselves feel better by watching some one else injure themselves.
"This scale is supposed to weigh humans and it says 'error' when you stand on it."
by i hate vegetarians. December 14, 2004
a very cool show but i turned half the kids at my school into dumbass posers. they think just because they watch it and wear bam shirts with the heartagram on them and such, they think they're a skater.

But otherwise its a great show
me: do you even know who H.I.M is?
poser: yea, its him...bam. i saw it on viva la bam
me: f**king poser
by hater_of_the_posers March 11, 2006
Viva La Bam may be one of the coolest shows (next to south park and such) because a little bit of everyone watchs it, not just 'skaters'. And anyone who says it sucks are people who are either to mature, or a bunch of 16 yr. olds who try to be cool and probably are extreamly lame
'Let's party like it's 1899 then'
by bloodymurder December 17, 2004
a great show in which pro-skater Bam Margera pulls stunts with his friends to make you laugh. it's like Jackass, but is centered on Bam and his crew. he messes with his parents and Don Vito a lot!
"Did you watch Viva La Bam Sunday night?"
"Of course!"
by spooty sam November 19, 2004