50 definitions by minghi

an amorphous undelineated mass of tit, often caused by old age sagginess or bras that squish them together. in theory, it could be a single cycloptic tit.
i think george bush sould have a huge uniboob implanted on his forehead.
by minghi May 22, 2003
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a way of taking A LOT of acid. the 'cid is dissolved into a greasy substance at high concentration, and stored in a lip balm container. to dose, stick your thumb in, smear out enough to coat it, and lick it off. depending on the quality of the stuff and how much you scoop out, it seems to be the equivalent of anywhere from 5 to 20 blotter hits.
the first time you do acid, don't do a thumb print. you should work up to that dose in a few sessions with experienced friends.
by minghi May 10, 2003
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the line of bruised needle holes in the arm of a junky produced as he shoots up at a slightly higher point on his arm each time.
she never wears short sleeves because she doesn't want anyone to see her track marks
by minghi April 26, 2003
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1. the seaty feeling on one's scrotum after a hot day, or a long time without a shower.
2. nuts that are very sweaty ( preferably gluey old sweat)
i need to shower - i've got swamp nuts.
by minghi September 27, 2003
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a sexual practice involving shaving all body hair below neck, lubing up the whole body, and screwing on a waterbed without sheets.
we were having shaved monkey sex last night when he bed sprung a leak.
by minghi May 17, 2003
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when a bad secret is let out and everybody knows about it to disastrous consequences. imagine the smell and splatter if someone blasted hershey-squirts into a rotary fan.
my favorite scene in the movie airplane is when the shit hits the fan. to bad its cut out in the "edited for television version"
by minghi May 10, 2003
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a manoeuvre done with 2 people and a lit joint. one holds the joint in his mouth, BURNING END IN, and seals his lips around it, and blows air through the joint. the other person sucks the smoke out of the unlit end coming out of the 1st person's mouth.
giving a sifflette's a great way to hit on someone when getting high; just make sure you dont burn the inside of yer mouth.
by minghi April 26, 2003
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