rough scrapey feeling from having someone with a beard rub against you, usually during kissing, but often during other stuff.
by minghi June 1, 2003
(noun): a patch of red skin left after one's facial hair rubs against the skin of another. it usually leaves one feeling itchy for a few hours to a day. extrememy uncomfortable. is usually a result of making out.
Dude: "Yo girl, why you twitchin' n scratchin' that red jank on your neck?"

Girl: "I like totally went to first base with Moola last night and got some hxc beard burn!"
by allisonisreal January 9, 2010
A female with naturally red hair down there in the pubic region.
Jasmine has naturally red hair. She doesnt shave her pussy, so she can be refered to as a burning beard. She has red pubic hair, like if it was on fire, hence the word "burning beard"
by tejasrc February 18, 2010
When making out with a man who has scruff or a beard and it results in a burn on your chin.
Kristen I can tell you made out with someone last night because of your chronic beard burn
by I love my dogs November 10, 2019