22 definitions by miller

Hungarian fast food, usually served with french fries.
The downtown's kebap place's owner's Toyota was torched last wednesday.
by miller December 15, 2003
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Home of lapdancing. Located in Northern Finland, the place where Santa lives.
I just came from a lapdancing joint in Lapland.
by miller September 20, 2004
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As in Captain Comic, the legendary video game from the 80's
Captain Comic is gonna beam joo!
by miller June 30, 2004
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coming from Sunderland there r a hell of a lot of chavas hangin round the streets. They wear fake burberry, fake berghaus, fake rock port stuff. They all smoke, can only afford the cheapest cidre and say "whooooooo ya tarkin tee?" everytime they c sum tht isnt another chava. Also they r all gay
arghhhhhh!! A chava!!! Burn it!!!! Kill it quikly!!! Before i get a disease!!!
by miller January 02, 2004
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After having anal sex, the stink from the girl's ass that remains on your weiner. I've found that scrubbing with a brillo pad is the best way to remove said stink.
Yo Tressler how did last night go?
- I got some butt stank on my hangdown!!! EI EI
by miller September 16, 2004
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The state of stress and compulsive cleaning that overcomes a homemaker in the days leading up to a realtive's visit or a party.
My brother's graduation party is tonight. It's been driving my mom cleansane.
by miller June 17, 2006
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when one gets hostile and aggressive, like Lauren
I got all drunk and beLaurenent last night.
by miller February 11, 2005
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