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it's the greaden!!! tiiiiiiiiiiii!
FOIGHT!!!!! This party is the greaden!
by miller May 24, 2004
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Hungarian fast food, usually served with french fries.
The downtown's kebap place's owner's Toyota was torched last wednesday.
by miller December 15, 2003
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Home of lapdancing. Located in Northern Finland, the place where Santa lives.
I just came from a lapdancing joint in Lapland.
by miller September 20, 2004
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Often confused with the Cleveland Steamer... In the city of brotherly love, this occurs when a guy takes a dump on a girl's chest or vice versa and then mixes the bowel with creme cheese. A variation called the "Philly Steamer" results when the dump is mixed with nacho cheese, onions, and green peppers.
Bob: Spicy mustard you are hot tonight.
Gloria: Oh Bob I can't take anymore. I've
got to go #2.
Bob: Don't worry baby, you can use my
(After she does her business)
Bob: Oh yeah I love that! Now mix in some
of that Philly Creme Cheese.
by miller July 17, 2005
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During sex, you add cole slaw and french fries to the act. Also known as the primanti brother.
Yo homey I was crunching this girl last night and to spice it up we did the Pittsburgher. The cole slaw and Fries combo was sweet.
by miller September 16, 2004
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Name of mad grind metal band, yet also a word meaning 'wicked' that can be used as an expression of astonishment, interst or excitement.
Wurdulak, man!
by miller November 20, 2003
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