22 definitions by miller

A man who is so obese he can be imagined to be a storage of food, or a "cave" of food.
Those man caves on the telly have a show called "man caves"
by miller July 23, 2009
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Urban child transportation vehicle operating on 4 wheels or more.
Johnny was hit by a perambulator when he was a child.
by miller August 30, 2003
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The art of cramming some Oreos into a girls vagina and then using your penis to crunch them up. The end result is your dick looks like a black and white barber shop pole.
Hey baby lets bust out some oreos and do the persian twist.
by miller September 16, 2004
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a fake version of rock ports tht chavas wear
y aye ya fukin mug, £200 rock ports these r mam ya fukin mef (they will actually b £5 fakes)
by miller January 02, 2004
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extremely ugly and annoying woman that works the bar see also skeezer but not hot
yo terranova fat sweaty betty just grabbed your ass
by miller March 21, 2005
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it's the greaden!!! tiiiiiiiiiiii!
FOIGHT!!!!! This party is the greaden!
by miller May 24, 2004
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