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the aura that shines from a guy who's just become a father for the first time and found a new persona...
'Keep away from Justin's desk -- his eyes are full of daddyshine now he's a father, and you'll get no attention from him right now, on any other subject...'
by mikroth June 15, 2008

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to notwith is to stand obviously at a distance from someone at a party or business gathering : a colleague who was sent with you to the meeting, but whom you despise; or an ex you were together with for a fair time but now parted from... it's a kinda public statement.
They sent that moron from Publicity with me on the freebie -- so I made a point to notwith him at all the meetings and parties just to let them know...

She was there at the party, so I had to notwith her, otherwise people would be going on about 'you two...'

The bastard chose to notwith me all evening... ambitious crawler, we're supposed to have represented the firm as a pair...
by mikroth October 16, 2007

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A variant on 'bragadoccio', bragging and showing off -- here referred to the attempt to foist a conceited vision of yourself on chat sites, blogs, etc.
'He's quite reasonable to talk to -- but on the web, it's all blogadoccio...'

'She's a damaged person -- so she tries to compensate on the internet with blogadoccio about her tit size, conquests, etc...'

'I've stopped hitting personal websites -- it's all blogadoccio...'

by mikroth October 14, 2007

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The most-talked about celeb of 2009... everyone's talking to her on their cellphones... in TV interviews... can't resist mentioning her to their friends...
'Juno Watt ? I think I may be pregnant...'

'Juno Watt ? I got tickets for Mariah's tour...
by mikroth December 12, 2009

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Acronym for

Stupid Acronyms You Can't Remember Anyway -- Pissoff...'
'Urban Dictionary.. great ! Read it ?'

'Nah -- full of SAYCRAP -- acronyms no-one remembers anyway...'
by mikroth October 10, 2009

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When you want a drink, but hate to sound like a walking ad...
'Wanna Coke ?'

' mmm...Pepsi ?'

'OK, Cokesi -- let's go !'
by mikroth May 16, 2009

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That rapid internet search you do to avoid exposing your ignorance..
Prof called my work 'desultory'... I had to do a quick googletrawl to find out whether that was a compliment or not ! Not !
by mikroth March 22, 2009

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