She's self conscious and doesn't see herself the way you do, you could tell her that she is so gorgeous she might as well be art but she'll deny it and compliment you instead. She's an amazing writer, and is awesome at drawing she loves every one, but when in a relationship with her she is very posesive . But she'll love you with every fiber in her being.
I love you Mariah. And I'm so glad you're mine.
by Bubble-gum- bitch December 6, 2016
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Mariah is a very intelligent, loving, caring, passionate,at times an introvert, and at other times very outgoing. Mariah is very creative, whether it be in drawing, writing, graphic designing, or singing. Oh and can be very bi-polar at times. Often an Aries. Hands are like lethal weapons when you get on their bad side. Very independent.
Hi i'm a Mariah. No seriously my name is Mariah and all of those things up there ^ decribe me.
by MariahBrown419 October 19, 2011
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Mariah is the most amazing girl you'll ever meet. You think there are many Mariahs, but there is only one. She is very rare, rarer than seeing a Sasquatch riding a unicorn, with a leprechaun in a babybjorn. She only has to lay her gaze upon you and you’ll be bewitched. She captivates you with her innocent and sweet way, but underneath is a lioness. She can tear off your clothes with her eyes and mend your body with her soles. She can melt a heart of stone with her laugh and unwrap a present with her tongue.

Mariah is a one-man woman and will mark her territory wherever she goes. Many guys think she is flirting with them, but Mariah is just joy. You think you've met Mariah, but you'd be fooling yourself, because I met Mariah and she's the only one. She is passionate, self-sufficient and brave. She is smart and creative. She'll remind you of your first crush. She is super fun and you'll always have a good time. She is hot, beautiful and cute and looks really 'pretty' when she is high.

Mariah is genuinely innocent and a bit naive, but if you take the time to pull back the covers, she'll become your wettest dream. She'll let you play out both of your wildest fantasies. She'll let you spank her when she's naughty. She'll ride you till your sore and sex is never a bore.

She’ll be your best friend and she is just like one of the guy's. You'll swear you've always known her. She'll let you...actually, I'm sorry, she won’t do any of these things for you, because, Mariah is all mine.
Mariah is one of a kind.
by Mr. Saturday June 23, 2017
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Mariah she may be mean at some points but she is really really nice and if she in love with you omg you is going to need her but she may fuck up at some points in her life but she always has a smile on her face she a nice sweet cute girl shy at some point but doesn't show it she cute and amazing but she doesn't see it and if you lose Mariah you want to get her back because Mariah is amazing
Wow look at Mariah she looks cute today

"Yeah I know I want to date her badly"
*i hear she has a crush on you your lucky*
by Smileymariah January 7, 2017
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A girl who's incredibly amazing, a girl who is nothing without love & happiness... Only
Two words to fully desribe her,Beautiful & perfect.
If I had a chance to date Mariah, I would be the the happiest person alive.
by Xpbrian16 March 2, 2015
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She is amazing, talented (in so many ways I find it hard to even begin), BEAUTIFUL as heaven, sweet, a lil` cutie, blows any guys mind when she walks past, so funny she will make you piss your pants, a smell that makes you melt into a puddle, owns the sexiest ghetto booty in the world, can own you in her sleep (so don't even try to step her out), unbelievable dancer, soft luscious lips, the most remarkable and STUNNING eyes ever, a body that will make you want to spend all your money on, and a smile to DIE for and PERFECT..
She takes you by surprise everytime you see or talk to her, she knows exactly what to say to bring you out of that sad crusty mood you alwasy seem to be in and she's ALWAYS the one person you want to see when things are bad, good or just normal!
"Damn, I can't seem to keep my mind off Mariah"
person 1: "Who's that hot chick over there?"
person 2: "Oh, that's sarah"
person 1: "nah not her, I mean that sexy as one with that perfect body and ass to remember!"
person 2: "OHHH! Yeah that's MARIAH" ;)
by chavvy69 April 23, 2011
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Mariah is the best girl you will ever meet!!! She is Hot,Pretty,Funny,has brown eyes brown hair. And when you are with her you will laugh,smile,And never want to leave the room without her! She always has good ideas for fun.
"Yo Mariah"
"Do you wanta hang later?"
"Sure Why?"
"Cause my life is pointless without your happiness and smile!"
by Crazymkitty2003 January 28, 2016
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