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A playground, typically in an elementary school or park, used by kiddies during the day, but after hours becomes the perfect place for sex, drugs, drinking, and debauchery. Is most often used by teens in the summer, when they can't go home cause their families are there, but don't feel like fucking in the car. Also can be loads of fun to play on when drunk/high/bored. (Also, parking cars in the parking lot is very common with the park, the school, and the church parking lot)
I've only ever been back to my old elementary school to get high... We were there the other day at sunset and there was still a bunch of kiddies around, then the sun went down and WHAM! Teenage playground.

Last Halloween was just and excuse for me and brandon to mess around on the playground in the park. There was kids like 50 feet away though.. I was worried my neighbors would see me. Yikes! Not the best teenage playground, although I found some beers and smokes in the BBQ pit once. Party on AG!

Colin and I christened the seesaw at Rincon Park. There's always someone smoking/drinking/longboarding there. I hear gay patrick gave some guy head in the bathroom. It's a major teenage playground.

Hitting Playgrounds before we fool around has become a major tradition with me and michael, then we go back to the car. We're really into the teenage playground. It's cute.
by stonasarah October 25, 2008
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