Its a gesture used by raising up the right hand with a straighten hand. Usually the people doing would yell HEIL HITLER!
John : Who is your lord and savior, mines jesus

Mac : Hitler *does gesture* Heil hitler! Command of the third reich
by Akarussian November 6, 2014
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The act of taking one of a girl's fake eyelash off during rough crazy sex and putting it over the upper lip, like der Fuhrer's mustache, and doing the Nazi salute while saying, "Heil Hitler!"
I saw a funny porn where the girl was totally into getting DP'ed that she didn't notice one of the guys pulling a Heil Hitler with one of her eyelashes.
by Kat-a-tonic February 11, 2015
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What the standard greeting was changed to in Germany during WW2 to make everyone seem like a Nazi supporter.
Person 1: Heil Hitler Lukas
Person 2 Heil Hitler Tobias
by YoyoEeveeQueen March 20, 2022
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When you sit down on your knee and do the heil hitler. But with the forward hand, you're holding the hair of the your girl with your meat in her pussy. Similar to doggy style, but with a new twist. Recommended to patriotic people.
I found an amazing position to try tonight!

Which one?

Half heil hitler. It'll give us a feeling of complete World War 2 on the bed
by aint_david May 10, 2021
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before wiping your ass taking some off and draw a hitler moustache on a young lady's uper lip
Last night i got really bored on the toilet, soo before i was done i called my girlfriend in and surprised her with a Heil Hitler Mustache...
by stephenog August 24, 2010
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Another word in place of giving someone a blowjob. Sucking a dick the way Hitler would :)
Johnny: Get on your knees and Heil my Hitler bitch!

Sally: No! You can't make me you Nazi son of a bitch!
by ZeroDesert June 2, 2009
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