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Where fat women buy their blouses etc.
LaCresha and her 9 sisters are all so fat, they have to shop at Tent City to find anything that fits their lard asses.
by mike87111 November 28, 2011
When posting to an internet discussion forum, it is another way to say "bitch and moan" without having the words be scrambled by the "offensive language" sensors or having the posting refused altogether because of "offensive language."
I was trying to rant about how much Obama likes to whine and blame others, but the site wouldn't let me post the phrase: "bitch and moan."

"Just use "mitch and boan" instead; people will know what you mean and why you had to post it that way."
by mike87111 November 10, 2012
a female who votes, based on emotion and/or her "crush" on a particular candidate and not based on any facts, policies, etc. of a politician.
I went to the Obama rally with my girlfriend. I've never seen so many twat voters in my entire life. They were gushing over him like he was their favorite vibrator.
by mike87111 October 26, 2012
A prison for woman inmates.
Whatever happened to Barb after she got caught shoplifting again?

"They finally sent her away. She's at the doll house upstate. Won't get out for 2 years."
by mike87111 April 16, 2014
A way to end a conversation with your home boys; whether on the phone, texting, etc. It use to be "gay", but now it's funny and a smartass way to end the dialogue, and let your buds know that you are tired and need to hit the sack. Based on the radio DJ Ryan Seacrest's catchphrase, when he ends his show: "Seacrest Out."
I was tired of texting with Kurt, on whether Michigan State deserved to be in the Final Four, so I just ended it with "Seacrest Out."
by mike87111 March 29, 2010
When a female regrets having sex with a male, and makes up a story about how he raped her, to save face with her friends and with her self.

It most often occurs with college females, who after a night of heavy drinking, have sex with an equally as intoxicated male.

Many times, the female has been pursuing the uninterested male, and then feels embarrassed when he does not call the day after the sexual encounter.
Hey Matt--I can't believe you slept with that fat sea-cow from Sigma Delta last night. You must have been wasted big time!

"That's not the worst of it. She's pulling a fake-rape and I have to go talk to the police!"
by mike87111 December 16, 2011
(noun) Exact same meaning as the word "nigger."

Replacing the "gg" with "qq" allows the word to used in an online post without (currently) having your post automatically censored; marked for approval by a board moderator; or banned outright.
If Trayvon had just stayed home once he got there -- instead of going back to attack Zimmerman -- that stupid niqqer would still be alive.
by mike87111 June 11, 2018