(1) a chaste way of saying "to fuck."
d00d, I need to eff something. Oh, that looks good; I rather enjoy pumpkins.
by Natari. January 26, 2005
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stands for Best Friends Forever (bff)
only the realist of friends have the privilege of spelling and saying it like this!
its reserved for the best of friends, those who dont fight and are like sistas from another mista, and they indulge in occassional spooning after a long night of drinking but are strictly dickly.
Yo' them girls K.Frame and C.Murda are the tighests of be eff effs, they got people hatin'!
by kdfskfskh January 8, 2008
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Polite/lazy texting way to say "fuck it". Now used in everday language in place of cursing
Dude1: Don't you have homework to do? Dude2: Eff it, I'll do it later.
by Xero _ Manifest January 18, 2011
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A variant of "fuck" used on Canadian television, primarily "Royal Canadian Air Farce". Youths have been known to use it while quoting, if the word "fuck" should come up in the quotation.
by Bowman June 17, 2002
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a way to say 'fuck' without actually saying it.
"That was a total EFF up!!!"
by LouSquires(: February 15, 2009
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Shortened and alternate version of the "F" word. Go figure.
"What the Eff, David Blaine!"
>Check out YouTube video, "David Blaine's Street Magic"
"That's so effin stupid!"
by Veronica15 July 21, 2008
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A song by Bo Burnham that basically cusses out everything popular. It is a rap song in protest of how people earn their fame by doing stupid things. The lyrics are as follows:

Fuck the rules
Fuck the game
Fuck you tools
Fuck you're lame
If giving a fuck means sucking up then fuck it, fuck the fame
A bit unstable, fuck you brain
A bit like Abel, fuck you Cain
Dumb little fuck, if I'm fucking something up then fuck my name

Fuck the politicians
Fuck missionary missions
Fuck beauty competitions
Fuck bigoted traditions
I fucking hate that shit I do
And if you don't fuck it, fuck you too,
Couldn't give a fuck who I'm talking to
Fucking who? Fuck you dude.
Fuck how I'm regarded,
Or if I get bombarded
By sick creationists
Who are borderline retarded

Yeah, fuck me for my hard words, fuck another R-word, fuck me for my hard work that got me into Harvard
Man fuck it, fuck my past, fuck the time fuck it fast
If you think I'm fucking with you then you're fucking with your fucking laugh

God bless you common cold, fuck the pope, fucking old, if he loved the poor than he would have sold his mansion made of solid gold...

And so on until he cusses out basically everybody who became popular doing something stupid.
Person 1: Did you hear about that new pop star? She just stripped on video and got like, 100 thousand followers on Instagram.
Person 2: Fuck off! Go listen to Eff by Bo Burnham. It will explain how I'm feeling right now, cause I could wipe my ass with that pop star.
by aploplex March 7, 2017
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