(- verb)

1. the act of neutralizing a lethal threat, through sudden application of deadly force, often with a concealed weapon

2. any overwhelmingly effective thwarting of an attack, especially an attack by an overconfident aggressor

3. to successfully employ a concealed weapon in the act of self-defense, especially a gun

4. to be trayvoned; to be neutralized by a deadly weapon while committing an act of violence

5. (- vague) any sudden positive turn in fortune or circumstance, affected through the use of a secret technique, surprise methodology, or abrupt physical act

a: "Dude, those feral urbanites have been following us for the last half hour"

b: "S'ahright, man, if they try to rob us I'll trayvon the first one -- the others will scatter like cockroaches when the lights go on"


"Wow, did you see that YouTube vid of that thug getting trayvoned at the internet cafe by the 71-year-old man? Bet he never saw THAT coming!"


"Yo, it was s'posed to be a simple carjack. Instead, my man Jason got trayvoned! The dude had a shotgun!


"I was at the casino all night, down to my last hundred bucks, and I hit it big! I trayvoned that one-armed bandit, now I'm gonna get me one a 'dem high-class hookers!
by GoAheadMakeMyDay July 25, 2012
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Trayvon is a sexy/hot/cute guy . Usually does sports the loyest guy you will ever meet find ur self a trayvon 1 isn’t fake 2 isn’t a hoe 3 treats girls correctly 3 best guy ever 4 dick game strong
I saw a trayvon in a hall way with hazel green eyes and he was hot asf
by Rhiley January 15, 2018
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Trayvon is an amazing friend he’s there for you when your upset and need someone to talk to he will be there till the end he won’t ever leave your side unless you make him feel worthless he try’s to be good enough he has a rough past so he trying to make his future better and if he tell you deep stuff don’t ruin that he have trust issues girls break him so if your friends with him or if he loves you you are a lucky one he don’t really show love to others if you see him cry he’s in pain really bad pain he dont like people seeing him cry but when he is so upset everything explode he will make you happy or will try to he will always be around when u need him don’t take advantage of that
Friend: Trayvon is so amazing he helps me with a lot of stuff and is always there for me
by Youngboi February 8, 2020
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Meme: To pose as if dead while wearing a hoodie and grasping a pack of skittles and a can of Arizona IcedTea. Similar to planking but as if imitating Trayvon Martin's death.
Jim: Nice hoodie!

John: Thanks. Let's break it in by "Trayvoning" in it.
by lumberguy1028 May 29, 2012
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A very amazing person, really cool to hang around, one of the realist left in the world, sex game is on ten if he fuck you, you gone be hooked, and he keep money
Damn girl I fucked trayvone last night and I can't get enough
by Amazon24 July 1, 2014
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Adj: While high on marijuana the act of belligerent confrontation and violent assault on an individual with a weapon of opportunity, such as a rock, stick, fist, or some other type of ad-hoc improvised weapon, when the other person has superior weaponry, such as a handgun.
Dude, Leroy, trayvoned that other guy last night outside the club for calling his girlfriend a Ho, and now he’s in the hospital with a bullet in his ass
by Prof Justice March 27, 2012
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Racist attacks perpetrated by African-Americans, usually mobs, putatively in revenge for the self-defense shooting of a young A-A man in Florida in 2012 by a homeowner.
A 16-year-old has been arrested in connection with a Trayvoning of two Virginian-Pilot reporters last month, where a mob of African-American youths drug the white victims from their car then beat them both.
by RTHTGakaRoland May 5, 2012
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