Very ambitious, positive vibes,wants to be a whole cake and a cherry on the top at the same time,tries to be an extroverted person,shy at first but very friendly,gives the best advice,at times lazy but gets the work done,has the best choice at everything,very unique personality,
by Phoebe hannign September 30, 2020
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She is a awesome girl. Very kind and will capture your attention in seconds. She has a very outgoing attitude and has a lot of crazyhappy friendsshe herself is. No matter what if you start to love her you can't go back ever.She's smart, loyal, and will lend a shoulder to cry and help you at all times and will never disregard you.
he:who is she? shes awesome. i love her..
she:oh that's tanisha
by seAPlank May 2, 2020
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Tanisha is a very ambitious has determination in her eyes alot of pride and self respect throughout,is very beautiful inside out .TANISHA infact means ambitious and ambition and a fairy from heaven to never ever loose her!!
Hii my name is Tanisha
by Phoebe hannign October 19, 2020
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-Goddess of physique, Ambition, Blossom.
Origin: Sanskrit, Hindi, English.

p.s - loves chai & is absolutely adorable : )
Ex- Hey there Tanisha, Smile please?
by GhostJai January 30, 2021
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A sexy girl that will drive you crazy cause you're always thinking of her. She's usually a good girl with a very naughty side. She doesn't show that side often , but she's a real sex kitten. She loves hugs and kisses (especially a hug from behind while kissing her neck.) She loves it when you touch her body. She'll be your best friend and lover at the same time. Simply the best person you'll ever meet. Be romantic and whisper things into her ear. She has warm eyes that will capture you and you'll want to spend the rest of your life with her. And she with you. She is very hard working and understanding. If you know a Tanisha then you are a very lucky person. She loves to be intimate and make her partner feel loved.
She is such a Tanisha
by FernandoV January 21, 2013
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Tanisha’s are smart, considerate and loyal. Tanisha’s are true friends, and they respect everyone. They’re mostly honest with people they trust. Even though tanisha’s have strong opinions they can be quick to change their mind is someone influences them. Tanisha’s are defensive of their friends, so if someone’s stirring up trouble Tanisha won’t be afraid to step in. She’s a little secretive, even though she’s honest when questioned, she might have tendencies to talk behind you back.
Tanisha is so reliable! I trust her

Tanisha needs to stop interfering. It’s not her business
by itsajokebutitsnot February 24, 2021
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fantastic, admirable, super fun, loves life
Joe is such a douchebag, he gave up a total Tanisha for some stupid biddy...
by Jenna Allen (Nattinger-Cook) October 5, 2008
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