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A famous women's tennis player who is also a terrible sore loser.

Enjoys blaming external factors when up against better players.

Most recent example : US Open 2018 Finals vs Naomi Osaka
Wow, did you see how Serena Williams broke down like a complete child after being beaten by a better player?
by OfficialDefinitionsUD September 09, 2018
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A large, muscular, ape whose Hollywood credits include the lead role in 1998's Mighty Joe Young. Prolonged exposure to Williams is detrimental to sensitive photo equipment, so Hollywood, unwilling to sacrifice more camera lenses, turned its back on her. After a period of depression she picked up a teenis racquet and the rest is history. A typical photoshoot requires wide-angle lenses and may run over budget due to a serious risk of equipment damage and fatigue.
by russianbear54 September 12, 2006
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One of the greatest female tennis players of all time. Currently ranked number 1 in the world. Holds the most major singles, doubles, and mixed doubles titles combined among active players, male or female. Her record of 34 Grand Slam titles puts her sixth on the all-time list: 19 in singles, 13 in women's doubles, and 2 in mixed doubles. Has a sister named Venus who is also a tennis player but Serena's better.
Serena Williams doesn't even try and she wins matches. She's that amazing.
by a_is_awesome February 12, 2015
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The only reason Americans watch tennis.
Man1: Hey
Man2: Hey
Man1: Whatcha watching?
Man2: Wimbledon.

Man1: You mean that tennis shit? Aw man... Serena Williams got a phat ass

Man2: Yeah, I know. She's playing later on against some Russian chick.

Man1: Guess I'm watching it then..
by Cluero September 01, 2016
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