A ham is someone who says or does silly things to be the center of attention. Although anyone can be a ham, you'll often see this with children who are around unfamiliar adults.
That kid is such a ham. When Aunt Lori came over for dinner, he spent the entire time talking in a pirate voice and saying "arr". She thought it was hilarious, so he just kept up his routine the whole night.
by Greggie Eggie January 29, 2017
Someone incredibley cute, usually said as as "a little ham", doesn't even have to try, they're just an all around cutie
Essentially a peice of meat, hunky and savory and cute
Girl one: hey did you see will?
Girl two: yeah he's such a ham ugh
by Gub January 18, 2015
Acting excessively silly, or wildly exaggerating a stereotype for fun hamming it up
Did you see the girls with the bachelorette party? Oh, the ones at the bar wearing feather boas, smoking cigars, and drinking blowjob shots? Yeah, they were totally hamming it up for the camera.
by Zaunliebende Südstaatler March 20, 2015
To get really Shloshed. aka Drunk
Aleks and I got wicked hammed last nite.
by TMAC September 30, 2003
the state of intoxication from alcohol where you can't see, speak, stand or walk; the objective of every night out
obvo hammed after drinking 7 free t-shirts worth of drink ie. 28shots
by Rave slave February 8, 2009
This term is used to describe someone that is real funny. Cracking jokes or being silly making everyone laugh
oh my god. Cece came over last night and she had me rolling. She is such a ham.
by Bombinbb May 7, 2016