681 definitions by michael foolsley

when an apparent 'hot-shit' restaurant does not put a menu copy visible from the outside, so one doesn't have to step inside only to find out the restaurant fares/fees are too prohibitive. -this can often result in a clumsy human encounter. -and yes, i know...if you have to know the price you can't afford it!!! -OH YEAH??!!, WE'LL FUCK YOU!!!!
judy and i decided to go to mcfoolsley's, but backed off when we noticed they didn't post their fees

i hate when these restaurants don't post their fees
by michael foolsley December 26, 2009
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super toilet (on steroids) that suck down the waste without an argument
i've got to cut me a flop, but i'm going to 'choke it back' till i get to work where i can power it down!
by michael foolsley November 24, 2009
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taking a shower immediately upon 'giving birth' to a particularly messy 'def'
shit! this def left a terrible mess in my rump (such a silly word!) i'm going to have to power wash!

power washing is the only way i'm going to clean this dung!!

upon 'blowing one', i soon realized it was going to require a power wash
by michael foolsley February 12, 2010
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acknowledging the 'god' (multi-religion) and/or 'jesus' of something.
i pray to those new mcfoolsley guitars!

i pray to that german chocolate cake!

i pray to that bitch's gear!
by michael foolsley December 08, 2009
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a NON-virgin!! like 'pre-owned', except as a reference to human sexuality....a human with SOME idea of the sex act!! usually a GOOD thing!! (i.e. "used")
she/he was partial to her/his humans being pre-boned!!

jake was delighted upon realizing she was pre-boned!!

being pre-boned, she had some good and valid ideas of quality sex!
by michael foolsley September 05, 2013
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an engagement/wedding ring

'special' metals worn on the hand, denoting the 'marking' of ones' (poss. same sex, NOW!!) 'territory'!!
jack was getting some special signals from jen, when he noticed precious metal on her finger.

jane went into the bar after removing her precious metal.

he tried to wow her with precious metal, but got the "bums' rush"
by michael foolsley October 30, 2012
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