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state of eye-rolling back bliss for the stomach upon eating some kind of food prepared in an extraordinary manner. this state can "pert near" smoke a sexual orgasm! of course, the taste buds do play somewhat of a part in this, as they partner with the stomach to administer the 'swoon'.

"The way to a man's (probably woman's, too!) heart is through the stomach!" -this "old wive tale" makes me go, huh?? to this day; but does hold a bit of truth when eating some magic food. -a whole lot safer and cleaner too, politically as well as health-wise than sex. -we old people 'get-off' via the stomach, seeing how sex is either unavailable and/or such a pandora's box!!
barry block parked the dump truck, got him a turd on a roll; n' had him a gut orgasm!

celestina had some broccoli flavored tofu and had herself a gut orgasm

mike foolsley had him some dark chaw clit (chocolate) n' hadda him a gut orgasm!
by michael foolsley January 29, 2010
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