28 definitions by meowlnir

Onomatopoeic word for a loud, deep burp.
Don't drink too much soda if you don't want to gorp.
by meowlnir June 29, 2016
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That one crazy dude in every neighbourhood who is almost exclusively seen without his shirt. Either ridiculously skinny due to too much exercise, or overweight due to too much alcohol. Best avoided by kids so they do not end up scarred for life.
Shirtless Bob's walking past the house again... lock the windows!
by meowlnir July 2, 2016
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The sex act of a man dunking his balls in hot tea and having someone suck them.
Nothing wakes me up in the morning like some good teasticles.
by meowlnir June 28, 2016
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Another word for a chode or small, fat penis.
He had a cocklett, so I broke up with him.
by meowlnir July 19, 2014
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A fluffy, cloud-like dog such as a Samoyed.
I saw a really cute shoob at the park!
by meowlnir July 4, 2016
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When your grandpa puts on your grandma's clothes and crossdresses.
What's up with Pop lately? He can't stop doing the tranny granny.
by meowlnir February 3, 2016
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A modification of scrotum to make it rhyme with bottom. Because it's more fun that way.
The scrottom and bottom are connected by the grundle.
by meowlnir June 29, 2016
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