The newest installation of internet trickery. It is an .gif of two homosexuals having intercourse while the male on top has his penis spinning in circles. In the deepest parts of hell with the likes of: goatse tubgirl lemonparty. Great site to send friends to if you wish that their retinas be burned out of thier eyes.
O man! omgwtfhaxbbq! I'm going to sick and scarred. Very very scarred by the meatspin.
by pacothetaco December 1, 2005
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The spinning of a male's penis while receiving anal sex from another male. Dead or Alive's "You Spin Me Right Round" plays as the background music to this spectacular video clip. It is a must see for anyone trying to get a good laugh or see something out of the ordinary.
He's so gay, he must love meatspin!
by The Moose April 23, 2006
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The next step in the gross pics on the internet (Tubgirl, Goatse, and Lemonparty.) It is really a video, but those who don't close it from shock as soon as it loads only know this...
"You can spin faster than the dick on meatspin."

by Aidon Evergreen January 13, 2006
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Dispite popular belief, this is not 100% gay porn. If you have seen the original clip it's from, you will understand that it is a SHEMALE ontop of a MALE. Thus, its 50% gay porn, as It has boobs.
*I have sat though (and watched) 1,000,000 spins though it only counts to 999,999 then its unreadable

*Don't Judge me. It's hot shit.
person 1: dude, meatspin is so fucking gay.
person 2: hey! That's a shemale on that guy, I have seen the original clip
person 1: thats nasty man.
person 2: says you.
by whould i like to know December 12, 2006
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meet•spihn: verb, transitive
(spun: spuhn, spinning, spins)

1. the act of changing a friend’s world wide web browser's home page to the recently popular shock site "meatspin".com, the owner of said computer is most likely inebriated to the point of total incoherence and inability to ward off the toolshed's attempt of degradation; the intent is to surprise the aforementioned drunkard with the “meatspin” website confronting them as he or she sobers up and eventually decides to access the internet

2. the toolshed act of covertly coaxing an innocently unaware person, who is otherwise totally cognizant of all of his or her surroundings, into accessing the shock site "meatspin".com along the toolshed’s side and causing he or she to fall victim to the shockingly obscene website
1. Brad: “Dude, Billy is so schmasty-faced; he’s out for the count!”
Tom: “Let’s meatspin his ass!”

2. Billy: “Hey Jill, come check out the new Facebook layout
(Billy covertly accesses the meatspin website)
Jill: “Ahhhh, dammit Billy!”
by DrewWick January 23, 2007
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Meatspin is actually the sodomistic act of a transexual riding a male. It is presented in the form of a shock site accompanied by the song "You Spin Me Round (like a record)" by Dead or Alive.
Oh man I just looked at meatspin! I am offically gay.
by TheDeeJ February 19, 2006
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Guy 1: dude did you hear about that site that has Jerry Sandusky caught on video
Guy 2: are you talking about meatspin?
Guy 1: yeah dude i cant believe he would do that
by vontez December 7, 2011
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