the next version of your face comments; commonly followed by the words "last night".
1: sprry, i was too busy last night
2: your mom was too busy last night
1: i was too busy with your grandpa last night

1: i was exhausted
2: your grandpa was exhausted last night
by Jillay December 6, 2006
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A Slim Shadey wanta be, who drinks buttwiper, is obssessed with "Keeping with the Joneses", and is "A Legend in his own Mind"!
Your Grandpa thinks he knows his shit, but is realy an ID10T.
by Fook Yu April 13, 2004
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It’s basically a continuation of “ur granny tranny”which is used by a few virgins because they don't know what it means
Carl: your mum gay

Gary: your granny tranny

Carl: your grandpa tranpa

Gary: *dies*
by Bich "Phuc" Dat July 3, 2018
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A way to ask someone what score they got on a test. Used in the presence of teachers who don't want students sharing their test results.
Prima: Hey Dave, how old is your grandpa?
Secunda: 88. How old is yours?
Prima: 100.
Secunda: You son of a bitch.
by Schlang April 17, 2008
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A ultimate response to anyone who uses "you mum gay lol" or "your dad a lesbian" using this will cripple you opponent

causing a full body shut down
P1- Your mum gay lol

P2-Well your dad a lesbian

P1- *shuketh* your grandpa a transgender.

P2- Dies x2
by Your Dadds A Lesbian March 9, 2018
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Probably the worst thing you can say to anyone about their grandpas and the emotional trauma will cause suicide rates to rise 1000%
May: Your Granny Tranny
Josh: Oh yeah? Your Grandpa a Man Bra
May: *Jumps off cliff*
Mays Mom: *Jumps off tree*

Mays Dad: *Cries to death*

Mays Sister: *Changes name and moves 6 countries*
by CaptainCosmos March 22, 2018
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