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A disease like anorexia, no matter how tan a person is they never think they are tan enough.
Oh my God have you seen Tara Reid lately? She needs to check herself in for treatment of that tanorexia.
by Melissa September 21, 2004

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A male whom a female begins a relationship with. He is not essential to making the female a better person, but more so a person she can depend on for emotional support, sexual comfort, or life lessons.
1)A boyfriend, depending on how the girl feels about him can make a girl feel beautiful, special, a better person, and dependant on the happiness she recieves from him if he is a proper man.
2)A boyfriend can also be an enemy that the female cannot get herself away from because she feels as though she "needs" him, even though he may cause her physical, emotional, or psycological pain.
3)A boyfriend can be a wonderful or a horrible thing, but either way, they are always welcome
1)Hey, this is my boyfriend, and I love him to death

2)My boyfriend isn't so bad, you just don't know him like I do
by Melissa January 14, 2005

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1- upper-most part of the human body that controls all bodily functions and contains the brain, at least in some specimens.
2- the process of sucking/licking either the male or the female genitalia until ejaculation/orgasm occurs.
3- term used to refer to the foam on top of beer that nobody really wants.
Martha really doesnt have her head on her shoulders.

Little Johnny made his girlfriend orgasm 5 times. That night she reciprocated by giving him head as well.

Damn, what's up with all the head. You gotta learn how to pour dawg.
by melissa July 11, 2003

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An area of land where no one can drive, everyone lives for grades, and computers rule the earth.
A place that everyone from Asia wants to live, but no one that lives there wants to stay.
by Melissa March 21, 2005

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Polish word for "butt".
"Maybe if you all didn't sit around on your doopa all day, you'd get things done!"
by Melissa December 16, 2003

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An underrated but realy awesome movie about the newsboy strike of 1899. Over the years it's developed an underground following. A newsie is a newsboy. They sell the papes.
Jack: "The name of the game is volume
Dave, you only took 20 papes,

Davie: "Bad Headline"

Jack: "That's the first thing you
gotta learn. Headlines don't
sell papes, Newsies sell
papes.We're what holds this
town together. Without us
nobody knows nothin."
by melissa November 22, 2003

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Messing around, screwing around, jacking around, or just wasting time doing pointless things in some other way.
The teacher was pissed because the guys in the back row wouldn't quit dicking around.
by Melissa October 27, 2003

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