Does not always mean that you are wrong and the other person is right. It just means that you value your relationship more than your ego.
by Sohayb June 03, 2010
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One of the costliest speeches one could ever hope to make. The worst of them rob you of your pride, your dignity, your very soul; a further cost is the energy used to prevent oneself from further bearating (or physically assaulting) the individual on the receiving end of said apology.
Fuck, dude. If I'd had to look her ex in the eye and offer an apology, I'd have to surrender my testicles as well.
by rollin_adam July 24, 2008
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Jord....if you look up any of the following words ; M-unit, Low-G,Lantz, She-O-dubble-Eena, IDS, Shoe Phone,ect. please do not be appauled.
Melissa- ''Jord I'm sorry please don't flip-izzle.''
Jord-''Melissa i should slit you up...I hope you pass.''
Sheena-''In her sleep?''
Jord-''We can only hope.''
by Melissa July 09, 2004
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To make excuse for or regretful acknowledgment of a fault or offense.

george bush dumbfuck n00b drugs taco bell day old oatmeal
by imaperson November 02, 2006
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To give a present to someone as a way to make up for wronging them in some way.
"I was apologiving to my girlfriend last night for cheating on her with her mom, but she just threw the sexy panties back in my face!!!...That is the last time I ever apologive to that frigid bitch"
by smason November 12, 2009
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kissing Jesse Jackson's ass in an attempt to ask for forgiveness for offending the African American race. (As seen in South Park episode 1101)
Jesse Jackson: "Apologize. Kiss it."
Randy Marsh: "You want me to kiss your-"
Jesse Jackson: "That's right. Apologize."
by c_y_ December 03, 2007
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