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Does not always mean that you are wrong and the other person is right. It just means that you value your relationship more than your ego.
by Sohayb June 03, 2010
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A way of appearing to say 'sorry' when actually you mean "fuck you for highlighting our mistake. We'll fix it, but not to please you. Don't think I'll forget this any time soon".
"I can see that there's an error on the latest budget report. Apologies for that." George Osbourne, 2013 Budget announcement.
by Fray Brentos December 16, 2013
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Admitting that something that you should not have said something that could have been interpreted as rude, whether you meant it or not.
I apologize for my definition of 'pathetic,' it was uncalled for.
by Twizzlers October 20, 2004
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Apologies come after a big event, say you bumped into someone at the store or the hallway or you said mean things to them on vacation or at work. It doesn’t have to be immediately but an apology always comes and is always appreciated, typically when followed up with candy or flowers or roses or other small (or big, hey no complaining here 👋🏾 ) tokens of your affection. What am I telling you for though, you already do know, you do know don’t you?
I loved his apology because in his apology he saw me, he knew exactly when and where to give apologies...he’s better at it than me.
by June 14, 2018
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One of the costliest speeches one could ever hope to make. The worst of them rob you of your pride, your dignity, your very soul; a further cost is the energy used to prevent oneself from further bearating (or physically assaulting) the individual on the receiving end of said apology.
Fuck, dude. If I'd had to look her ex in the eye and offer an apology, I'd have to surrender my testicles as well.
by rollin_adam July 24, 2008
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Some fleeting emotion people choose to fight with the fury's of hell within!

Think about it!

We all fuck up! That's how we learn. Learn about eachothers thoughts. It creates a huge amout of energy to be the latter of the two decions in attitude.

We either choose to climb, fall, bed, flex, grasp or let go of.

Not as a way of making excuses for/ by reasoning. A choice is not an excuse! It's a way of clarifying inner perceptions. They say people should spend more time working on their own emotions before venturing to help with others. Well, I ask, "Who is they?" Who is here now to do it? We are! So many entries. So many ideals. So many principles. Such a wide idea of honestys in minds and at hand.

In certian fields of study, you're asked to step in, not on, completely different personalty's. Understand and live there experiences and be able to associate their heads / tails on what life is to them. What types of energy's are created within the coarses of the path people make prints, as it were.
Do you know why women brave their looks so much? Because men fight people for power of and ov/er pussy!
Do you know why a pussy cat turns her butt to her beau?
Because even airport security is trying to sniff ups butts these days to cop a feel while getting paid. It's all about the heat! It's been getting hot and heated for so long, all I can think is,...When is History going to record the finnal end to the war? Ergo....
My apologies though!

When is civility actualy going to be the accepted option?
Oh right, bashing and trashing ever fed anybody a meal! Okay, whatever you say powermonger. Being judgemental over people with lost effect of non-affections not being exceptional forms of calming calamity isn't a fixer solution.
Why do we the people get blamed for power problems of others? It's quite distructively pattened,..Don't you think?
Glass is a sterile object! Plastic is not! Like life, glass if cared for, won't break! Is any of this making sense? Or, do I ramble and emerce complete stupidity? Down the nukes and up dukes, if it means that much to them. Knuckles and Buckles did it first and it didn't KILL EVERYBODY!

Bad deity's lie to you! Thats there job. To trick you!
Allow me to elaborate. A fucking cracking at the earths mantle materials need be stopped before that underground lab kills this entire planet in a moment of stupidity may be a good idea. Please do refferance the sections of not very atractive acomidations to live by. Yeah, if you're any part of fucking with a farmers land, family or livestock, you're just a dick without a head!
by WHITETRASHHASHINGE.G.G.'s June 24, 2012
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