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A high impact competition in hauppauge high school that includes numerous teams which consists of 3 males and 3 females where the girls are as strong and equally competitive as the guys. We are going to dominate all the stupid sluts and hoes who think they have athletic ability but in reality are just doing it for the attention.
You dont know whats coming at you with our intense dodgeball team!
by Melissa December 14, 2004
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An awesome band with extreme lyrics and guitar riffs that fucking kick ass.
Anyone that doesn't like CKY can go and fuCK themselves.
by Melissa February 17, 2004
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1.To be Rape-A-Licious; Mainly pertaining to the male origin, one who is extremely hot you would want to rape him. 2. Worth getting in trouble of rape for. 3. Super Delicious

Origin: From the mind of a high school freshman in 2000 in Oakley, California. She was trying to describe how hot a senior boy was.
Ohmygod, his body is Rape-A-Licious!!
by Melissa October 14, 2004
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PREGO!!!! we all have problems when we get drunk!!!! thats ok....it happens to the best of us.

Thank you for everything and good luck with E! DoNT LeT IT HAPPEN AGAIN

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!
Malees will soon be a twig.
by Melissa January 20, 2004
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Female that car hop and only wants you for your money.
Girl he ugly but look at that car and platium grill, I think I want to holla!
by Melissa September 15, 2003
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