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when shit comes out your ass and looks like sausage links, or a person who you describe as a piece of shit, only in a more unique way
That guy is such an asshole. Yea, he is an anal sausage.-
by Melissa March 10, 2004
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Jord....if you look up any of the following words ; M-unit, Low-G,Lantz, She-O-dubble-Eena, IDS, Shoe Phone,ect. please do not be appauled.
Melissa- ''Jord I'm sorry please don't flip-izzle.''
Jord-''Melissa i should slit you up...I hope you pass.''
Sheena-''In her sleep?''
Jord-''We can only hope.''
by Melissa July 09, 2004
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taken from Dashboard COnfessional's lead singer, Christopher Carrabba, a "Carrabba" is a hot guy/girl....
Check that guy, he's a total carrabba....
by Melissa May 31, 2003
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A male whom a female begins a relationship with. He is not essential to making the female a better person, but more so a person she can depend on for emotional support, sexual comfort, or life lessons.
1)A boyfriend, depending on how the girl feels about him can make a girl feel beautiful, special, a better person, and dependant on the happiness she recieves from him if he is a proper man.
2)A boyfriend can also be an enemy that the female cannot get herself away from because she feels as though she "needs" him, even though he may cause her physical, emotional, or psycological pain.
3)A boyfriend can be a wonderful or a horrible thing, but either way, they are always welcome
1)Hey, this is my boyfriend, and I love him to death

2)My boyfriend isn't so bad, you just don't know him like I do
by Melissa January 14, 2005
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