7 definitions by me..me

is a dollar store discount isle version of taylor swift. also semi autistic
man tom is such a discount taylor swift is my best friend so i can say this shit about him
by me..me November 8, 2018
a scone is like a josh of the pastry world. it is the most sad lifeless and gayest thing you could ever eat. it is pretty much a gay muffin
Me: dont eat that scone
Him: why not
Me: its like a gay muffin, you will instantly die inside if you do
by me..me November 8, 2018
Very tall lives in the trees as he is a tree.

commonly mistaken as a yeti or roman
Ronan is tall
by me..me September 14, 2020
Guy: woah that guys really pullin
Guy 2: yea he’s go a WLOHM
by me..me December 9, 2021
phat shlong really huge omg
Dante has big pp lol
by me..me September 14, 2020