the most wonderful female in the world...
i love my tree tree more than words can describe
by jake December 9, 2003
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A slang for Weed, Pot, Poht, Grass, etc.
Plant a TREE, it's good for the envoronment.
by Henry May 27, 2004
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something that sits in the ground and remains in the same spot for hundreds of years but manages to jump out in front of you on your way home from the pub
oh my GOD, what happened to you?

yeah i know, a tree jumped out in front of me...
by cragget February 28, 2004
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In tennis the term "treeing" refers to the act of hitting every ball as hard as you can, going for winners at inappropriate times, and/or playing in such a way that depicts oneself to be playing without an essence of strategy.
Joe won the match against the one seed, but he was treeing out of his mind.
by T-money Allen May 17, 2009
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slang term used for marijuana. a.k.a. weed, pot, smoke and various others.
1. I got them Trees for you
2. Man, yesterday i was lookin for Trees and everyone was dry.
3. Yo, i caught my dad smokin trres the other day and i told him if he really wanted to get high to let me roll a dutch of my trees.
by Foo (0ptikaL) December 9, 2004
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Treeing originated in Vero Beach, FL in the 1980s and it means to play incredible tennis, without really missing, for an extended period as to win an epic upset match, or just to have an amazing tennis day. It transcends just playing well- movement, concentration, even romance- everything just clicks. It's a very rare occurrence and one can only hope it's during an important match so there can be many witnesses.
Miles beat the top seed from Miami in front of all his friends and family, his ex-gf and new gf, after treeing his ass off in the third set 6-1.
by GRaonic June 7, 2015
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