cool customer never panics cool under presssure
by Jimmy neutron December 2, 2003
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Ronan is very cool and loves to have fun. He is a good kisser. He loves sports. He is an amazing friend to have and an even better boyfriend. He is all faithful. If you disrespect him or are mean to him he'll ignore you.
Ronan is cool and awesome.
by Poopypants1233210987 September 19, 2017
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I really good looking guy who has dreamy eyes and gets all the girls he wants
Wow is that Ronan damn he is handsome
by Ronan Corley March 19, 2017
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Typically a tall strong handsome male with a muscular body, high cheekbones and sharp jawline. They are usually godlike at gaming with there amazing game sense and accurate aim. Known for looking almost perfectly similar to 'Peaky Blinders' main character Thomas Shelby. In conclusion, a Ronan, in general, is an amazing person, once you meet one you would never forget them.
person1'Why is this person so good at dark souls?'
Person2'Clearly an alpha male, definitely Ronan'
by RussianIdiot101 March 28, 2019
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A really nice person. Brown hair, green eyes, freckles, and dimples. Very funny, cute-but it's not the only reason you like him. He's a very enjoyable person. He can be very stupid sometimes and even inconsiderate-but that's not what makes him Ronan, all of his good aspects are. One small problem is, you can't tell if he's being/acting jealous or not. He's a really amazing person-despite what others might say. If you're ever lucky enough to have (a) Ronan in your life...Hold on to him best you can. Even if you can only bet friends.
Person 1: I think I might have a crush on Ronan...
Person 2: Thought so
Person 1: Ye- WAIT! *whispers to self* at least try!
by E.C Turtle The Slytherin November 3, 2018
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Ronan is a handsome young man who has all the ladies falling for him he has many friends and is exceptional at sports. He always has a woman on the go and loves to have adventures. Basically ronan is a great laugh always up for causing a bit of mischief.
I wish I was more of a ronan at times
by Tttyyy1212 October 8, 2018
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Ronan will rip your heart to shreds in 1 day of dating trust me
Person: Ronan you are hot

Ronan: lets date

Two days later Ronan: you fucking slut get away
by Lolgoats May 7, 2022
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