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adj. (slang): A combined state of mental agitation and physical volatility. It's use may provide warning that the individual it describes has lost all self-control and cannot be reasoned with. Can refer to either a chronic or temporary condition.
I wouldn't go in there if I were you, Dolores is bat-shit crazy .

by maximo hudson January 20, 2009
Barak Obama. Literally, President Of Course. A very loose Spanish translation of President Yes We Can. While nowhere close to being an accurate translation, it does convey a sense of that positive can-do attitude of the 44th president of the United States of America and it's fun to say.
If anyone can get single-payer passed it's Presidente Por Supuesto, the 44th president of the United States.
by maximo hudson July 1, 2009
An brief electronic shout-out to a friend or family member when one is time-challenged - in order to at least touch base. From electronic + holla. Similar in its construction to e-mail (electronic + mail). An e-holla might also be considered a quick response to e-mail or other form of electronic communication. See holla-back.
I hadn't seen my sister for a while so I texted her a little e-holla on my way to the airport.
by maximo hudson June 11, 2009
A term denoting a female propagator of spam. It conveys a negative connotation. From spam + zilla (from the Japanese film monster Godzilla).
That girl's a regular spamzilla, the way she copy-pastes and posts every piece of spam she lays eyes on.
by maximo hudson January 26, 2010
Transcending the madness of day-to-day existence with the spiritual equipoise of a buddha. From the headline: World's Largest Buddha Rises Above Phuket.
"I'd like to recommend Johnson for the project, since it is fraught with organizational difficulty, and he is constantly rising above Phuket ."

by maximo hudson March 2, 2009
A pop psychology term which instills a sense of impropriety when describing Platonic and courtly love (and other forms of intimate non-sexual association). Since the relationships it defines are by definition chaste, its use is misleading and is often used manipulatively.
You call it coffee with a college professor, I call it an emotional affair.
by maximo hudson January 24, 2009
Shock and Love is that progressive political policy which seeks to use instances of crisis to further the betterment of mankind. It differs from the conservative policy of Shock and Awe which seeks to use the same instances to further empower the already powerful and to curtail the self evident liberties of the masses.
With the lives of three hundred million Americans at stake, the Obama administration, in a classic example of Shock and Love, was able to use the panic created by the flu pandemic to force Senate Republicans to do the right thing and confirm Kathleen Sibelius as Secretary of Health and Human Services.
by maximo hudson May 1, 2009