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Pertaining to the period of time before the catastrophic eruption of Thea, about 1600-1500 BCE, the resultant tsunamis of which are believed to have caused the downfall of the Minoan civilization. This event is thought by many to be the basis of Plato's story of Atlantis. The word literally means "before the flood." From the Latin ante (before) + diluvium (flood).
In antediluvian times it was Minoan culture that dominated the islands of the Aegean.
by maximo hudson December 07, 2010
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An act of violence or violent intimidation carried out against an individual or group of individuals because of their Islamic faith. A hate crime.
The bomb threat phoned into the mosque by a man screaming disparaging remarks about the Prophet Mohammed was deemed an act of anti-Islamic terrorism by the authorities.
by maximo hudson August 31, 2010
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noun: A combination of a feline meow and yawn.
Upon waking, Tabby and Calico greeted their human family with their purring, while Little Black Sunshine, slowly awakening from a deep slumber, stretched, twitched his whiskers, and then let out a long meyawn.
by maximo hudson May 31, 2009
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A heterosexual. A carbon footprint enhancer. That group of humans most responsible for global warming, deforestation and a depletion of the ozone layer. A propagator.
In addition to being Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin is a prolific breeder.
by maximo hudson January 27, 2009
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The specific deity or religious persona one wishes to identify with for reasons of spiritual growth. So called, because an image of such is often displayed prominently upon one's own personal altar.
Being of a compassionate nature, the young woman felt a great affinity for White Tara and so displayed a beautiful image of her altar ego prominently in her shrine room.
by maximo hudson June 23, 2009
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Making the system work for you. This may include taking home office supplies, sending out mail for free, or running your own business from work. Also known as bumpin da grind.
With his low salary and absolutely no benefits, Will realized he was never going to make it in his current job unless he began looking after his own needs and stated bumping the grind .
by maximo hudson February 05, 2009
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An area of oral discharge spumed upon one's shoulder by an infant being held.
Hector like Delores and her two-month-old baby, but he found her burp brooch a big turnoff.
by maximo hudson January 29, 2009
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