A small, flat mole or beauty mark on human skin, usually dark in color so as to resemble a melted semi-sweet chocolate chip in a cookie.
I kissed the sweet chocolate chip on her chin.

He had so many chocolate chips on his back that she couldn't resist the urge to draw a dot-to-dot picture there.
by monkeymama October 3, 2011
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(adjetive) As everyone in the world knows Chocolate chip cookies are the best. Don’t dispute it cuz it is a fact. Chocolate Chips are the key element to making it the BEST and MOST TRIUMPHANT.

Literally meaning- BEST, MOST EXCELLENT, PALATIAL, AMAZING, some times can run along with SEXY.
1. That bz’s party last knight was CHOCOLATE CHIP.
2. I was a little bit too wasted, so I didn’t get to bring my CHOCOLATE CHIP game to the bedroom. Fuck it, she now has hep B.
by Eddie April 1, 2008
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1. When a girls nipples protrude from her tight top/ shirt.
2.An code word to alert yor friends that a girl with nice hooters and nipple protrution is comming by.
1. Wow...I can see some choclate chips on her.
2."Yo guys, Chocolate chips"
by arthur96792 July 28, 2008
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Two black people (usually men) on motorcycles. ("chocolate" referring to the color black, and "Chips" from the TV cop show, in which the policemen rode motorcycles.
"Dude, get a load of those Chocolate Chips!...real Chocolate Chips, riding through Phelps of all places!"
by Barry MacCockener January 25, 2005
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a human shit taken on the ground or virtually any level surface, and not in the toilet, such that its shape looks like a big nasty chocolate chip.
Sally: Hey, guess what! Last night I got really hammered, and on my walk home, I took a shit on my neighbours doorstep!

Joe: Eww that family must've woken up to a big nasty chocolate chip on their front porch!
by Rideout1986 November 20, 2009
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When a girl's nail polish on her toes starts to chip, revealing her real toe nail, which is dead and colored brown like chocolate.
As John looked down at the floor during class, he noticed that Deej's nail polish on her toenails started to chip, revealing dead, brown nails. This reminded him immediately of a chocolate chip.
by th3 brown mamba June 10, 2009
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