Filled with or full of a feeling, force or intention.
Creepy old woman: "Careful boy... Those woods are fraught with danger... Heh, heh, heh..."

Christian Observer: "This site is fraught with wickedness."
by T.Ractorhead December 3, 2006
Fraught (frôt), verb

1. To be denied, unaccepted or refused.
1. The girl didn't return your phone call, you were fraught down.

He blocked your shot, you were fraught down.

Your book got bad reviews, it was fraught down.
by Swanston June 3, 2006
1. adj - Containing excessive amounts of
2. adj - To an extreme degree
E.g. "That jail sentence was fraught with grief"

E.g. "That girl is fraught (with hotness)"
by Brod August 28, 2004
Causing or affected by anxiety or stress
My fraught gum wrapper ball rolling during the snugs
by PsilocinGummy November 7, 2021
Humorous nickname for Harbor Freight Tools, because most of what they sell is destined to break or otherwise fail if you actually use it
Went to Hazard Fraught for a socket wrench since I only need it to last through the end of the month
by techn1ciaN May 14, 2021