equilibrium and poise. The sublime balance of emotion.
"Clara has great equipoise."
by Athenais May 20, 2006
A steroid hormone.

It is considered one of the safest and least anabolic out there to use.

It does not BUILD muscle size or strength. But make no mistake it is still very powerful, as it protects muscle tissue. Even when in a massive calorie deficit your body will refuse to waste muscle mass when on equipoise. This makes this drug a common favorite for cutting cycles.

Perfect for men in their 40s who begin to lose muscle mass. Hopping on this can ensure they will have nearly the same amount of muscle as 40 when they do 70.

Note: While it protects muscles it doesn't protect nervous sytem breakdown or joint breakdown nearly as much. So you will still get weaker over time, but your BMI and muscle mass will remain the same.
Doctor: I recommend you use equipose from now on.
Person 1: Whatever you say doc!

Bodybuilder 1: I want to get down to 4% body fat but I'm worried I'll lose muscle :(
Coach: Run equipoise your body will protect most of your gains.
by Zyzy March 28, 2016
If you're keeping an object floating in the air, you are performing the act of equipoise.
by Isaac20 January 21, 2007