Clean; one who has not had sex.
Dennis Smith is chaste as a male can be, as he is a 46-year old virgin with a 2.5 inch dick.
by Bill May 12, 2003
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Having preserved one's virtue by not having sex.
Jolene was a good girl by Arkansas standards, she'd been chaste by her male kinfolks but had never been caught.
by harry flashman July 25, 2003
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Before college, I was so chast.
by JRL April 10, 2006
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Its a ladies man who is very big, not fat but like a closet.
A closet in dutch is Kast
and a ladies man is Chanter

----------- +

= Chast

You can replace Kast with any other word like:
Chapsel (chanter haircut) or Charbonaatje (chanter meat)
Look at that chast or in dutch "Wat een chast, check zijn chapsel";
by Chast October 7, 2010
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When you just wanna celebrate that sweet sweet virginity. Big up my virgin brothers and sisters.
Oh my god, so glad I don't have an STD #chaste
by #CHASTE May 8, 2018
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Being in an overly happy semi fucked up state of mind because you think life is awesome.
Becky: do you see that guy grinning at the end of the bar?
Jody: yeah, he looks chasted. Let's have a threesome with him!
by johnguttler January 20, 2014
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Chaste. Usually very freaky for her man, loyal, smart, sexy and has a nice ass. Issa Chaste. Get you one.
Guy: Damn dude, who is that?!
His Friend: Oh that's Chaste, Issa wife!
by Dillo59 March 13, 2017
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