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32 definitions by martay

th place where shoot someone, where the bullet goes
Dizzle, that Nizzle Shizzled Me in the Gizzight
by martay February 18, 2003
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the use of ones saliva glands to shoot the saliva a credible disatnce, with the intention of hitting someone
Damnit Matt, your fucking uncle gleeked on me again
by martay February 18, 2003
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finger toofey, the good stuff, eye candy, the fire which yearns to be set unto the cooter, flame-bomb
check out the glick on him
by martay February 14, 2003
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a jolly old fellow, who is just happy
"dude, that guys all kiperdun today"

"musta got layed"
by martay February 24, 2003
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An increasingly popular contraction that stands for "laughing in public".

Originated by the infamous underground rappers Tay T & Mar J in a collaboration with Drizzy, LIP is used commonly in chatrooms, on social networking websites, and through text. It is a subtle way to express the embarrassment that occurs after encountering something so funny that it is impossible to stifle your laughter whilst in public.

Can also be used to describe laughing at a computer screen, even and especially if you're all alone.

Often used repeatedly.
M: *Texts a picture*
T: She looks like a burrito
by martay January 4, 2013
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the stormtroopers pad, it is his bat cave, which none can enter without his knowing
wow, your hand jsut went straight to the luge
by martay April 28, 2003
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