Giving fly swatters to all the kids at the picnic/bar-b-que and telling them they are in charge of pest control.
I didn't have a single fly on my paper plate thanks to my swat team.
by wolfbait51 May 11, 2011
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a sexual maneuver where you send one to the front door as a distraction while seven go storming in the back door. clearly, this requires high finger dexterity in order to fully utilize the element of surprise.
(one at front) *tap tap tap* ... *tap tap tap*
(seven at back) "SWAT TEAM, MOTHERFUCKER!"
by crazycarl88 August 20, 2009
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Variation of washing the dog in which one testicle is inserted in a girl's asshole, while the other one is inserted in the girl's vagina. Named after the common police technique of sending one unit through the back, and one through the front. Believed to be of a higher degree of difficulty than washing the dog

"Her ass and her vag where so far apart, I'm pretty sure I sprained my left nut trying to swat team her"
by dahv dahv May 6, 2008
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Relies heavily on the element of surprise. While a significant other is on the toilet taking a #2, the man waits quietly outside the door and pulls it (ie. loads the gun). When the time is right, the man busts open the door and lets it go all over the helpless deuce dropper. Classic!
Hey Larry!
I SWAT Teamed Agnes while she was taking a dump!
Right on man!
by Raul (comes out at night) January 13, 2006
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Usually shouted when swatting a frisbee out of the air or out of an opposing players hand during ultimate frisbee.
After yelling Swat team! I skillfully pwned the noob throwing the frisbee.
by MikeydaV May 21, 2006
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A professional group of terrorists who specialize in:

A. Breaking and entering.

B. Theft

C. Assault

D. Murder

E. Terrorism

F. Using destructive weapons of war on unsuspecting families.

G. Sucking the dick of other cops.
The typical SWAT member acts out of a sense of responsibility to ruin the lives of their suspects and families, typically dressing in black ski masks (like all trust worthy people do) and have a fetish for controlling others. For a brief history of SWAT teams see Adolf Hitler, Nazi Germany, East German Stasi, Red Terror, and Chairman Mao.
Hey don't those SWAT team guys look like Fascists?
by Kyle's a Fascist May 24, 2011
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an abbreviation for the phrase "Super Wet Asain Terrorists"
This is a team of horny wet asain men that will come through your bedroom window and rape the shit out of you. They will also take pictures, and post it all over your facebook to humiliate you.
Call 1-888-ASAIN today to get the SWAT team to come to you, or your enemies.
Mary: I can't believe John broke up with me D:
Jessica: He should pay..
Mary: I'll call SWAT Team to fuck the shit out of his ass.
by FBGM08 October 17, 2010
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