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Brain Blight. Diminished neural capacity. Specifically, the inability to cognate relative minutia or trivial information due to an over-reliance and/or dependence on Google.
Kristie: “Heaven... I'm in heaven. . .da, da, da. . .I can hardly speak. . . da, da, da. . .When we're out together dancing cheek to cheek. Hey, what’s the line in between?”

Mark “I dunno. Isn’t that that song by that really famous songwriter from the 40’s and 50’s?”

Kristie: “I guess.”

Mark: “What’s his name? I can see his face. . .urgh. . .What’s his name? What is his name! Urgh!
I should know this but I'm suffering from Googleatrophy."

10 minutes later: Google: 40's songwriters.

Mark: “Sheeeet. . .COLE PORTER!"
by machBailz May 4, 2007
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Someone suffering from the side-effects of bacterial food poisoning.
I really thought I had an iron-clad stomach; but after eating that chicken salad sandwich after it sat pool-side for 3 hours in 107 degree temperatures I was a barfasaurus for the ensuing two days.
by machBailz May 9, 2007
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The residual thermal glow (usually in a vinyl-covered seat) felt by a man who sits in a seat recently occupied by another man.
I thought it fortunate to land a seat on the Metro train, but because it was crowded, I couldn't allow for a cool-down so I had to endure the man-warmth of the dude who had been sitting there.
by machBailz May 4, 2007
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The feeling of fatigue and/or lethargy succumbing to the point of disability as a result of ingesting certain chemical compounds.
After doubling the prescribed dose of the codeine hit, she was so larpy that she used the building’s marble façade as a pillow.
by machBailz May 4, 2007
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Ass king (not in a flattering way) - more apropos would be the inverse or "King of the Asses."
Diner 1: "Did I just hear what the dude at the table behind us just said?"

Diner 2: "Yep, he just requested the waiter to bring him a bottle of ketchup for his well-done, butterflied filet."

Diner 1: "His palate rates him Donkey Kong"
by machBailz May 15, 2007
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How a woman refers to a first-time lover with a less-than-average endowment.
Gina: "How was your date?" Alexandra: "Conversation over dinner was awesome but later I was severely disappointed when he shed his Calvins and served me up a shrimp cocktail."
by machBailz May 3, 2007
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A beneficial defecation regimen.
It never fails, when I travel my vitamin (one-a-day) routine is impeded.
by machBailz May 4, 2007
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