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Brain Blight. Diminished neural capacity. Specifically, the inability to cognate relative minutia or trivial information due to an over-reliance and/or dependence on Google.
Kristie: “Heaven... I'm in heaven. . .da, da, da. . .I can hardly speak. . . da, da, da. . .When we're out together dancing cheek to cheek. Hey, what’s the line in between?”

Mark “I dunno. Isn’t that that song by that really famous songwriter from the 40’s and 50’s?”

Kristie: “I guess.”

Mark: “What’s his name? I can see his face. . .urgh. . .What’s his name? What is his name! Urgh!
I should know this but I'm suffering from Googleatrophy."

10 minutes later: Google: 40's songwriters.

Mark: “Sheeeet. . .COLE PORTER!"
by machBailz May 04, 2007
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