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"Damn, did you see that fat slut? What a skankopotamus!"
by M February 24, 2005
Shorty has some fine nukas!
by M July 3, 2003
A term used in lieu of of ones name when speaking directly to him/her, or when talking about someone in a separate conversation. Most often used when ones name cannot be remmembered.
1) Where do you think you're going with my T.V, g-lar?

2) I can't believe that g-lar stole my T.V
by M July 25, 2003
Deustch bags that worship the faggot minnesota vikings. They like it hard up the butt. They like to have sexual intercourse with their "cousins".
by M December 15, 2003
To pop an ice cube down the crack of a persons ass so that it slides down and melts showing through their clothes and creates the shape of a gooses neck between their legs.
I was Dublin Goosing this woman in a bar the other day just to watch her squirm
by M February 21, 2015
Damn, did you see Suzi's twat? It's covered in pretty piercings!
by M November 15, 2004
A group of more than one girl sporting
a gunt.
I saw a gaggle of geese fly overhead just before I went in the dive bar and saw a girdle of gunts.
by M January 18, 2004