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A stupid person who doesn't know how to opperate a phone, quote correctly, or shut up.
"Fuck man, you're such a Majinchick!"
by M February 26, 2003
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A sweet, nice, caring girl, who will kick some white boy ass if he keeps calling her a fangirl or a cam whore, or any other deragotory term.
Dude, I so wanna have Majinchick's retard babies.
by M March 12, 2003
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Mat Devine is the coolest guy ever. He has the best taste in music and the best style.Kill Hannah Rocks!!! I cant wait to see them next month. I think im inlove.
by M October 17, 2003
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a nerd with edge! positive or negative. a friend, a stupid/nerd-like person, something great!
shut up, you're such a nerdge.
hey nerdge, how's it going?
hahaha that's brilliant, you nerdge!!
by M April 22, 2005
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How often do you think a milf becomes a mif?
by M July 22, 2005
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she flopper out her lovely milky swingers in my face and I almost passed out.
by M May 16, 2003
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when a lesbian is wearing a strap on dildo while out on the town or doing errands.
I met her at the lesbian bar, looked down at her crotch, saw a huge bulge, YEP she's packing!
by M March 16, 2004
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