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A word used by Luis. Actual definition TBA.
Other variations of the word: Cock him up, cock her up
Hey that bitch is looking at you; cock her up!
by lulu March 2, 2004
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adj. Bloated and obese. Derives from the state of a tick(parasitic insect) after it has gorged itself on a host mammal's blood. Not complimentary. I've heard it in the context of Australian slang, but I'm sure it's spoken all over the place.
"Christ! All that beer you've been guzzling latley has made you fat as a tick!"
by lulu July 2, 2004
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he is very cosmic when it comes to his dance moves
by lulu February 26, 2005
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old school davey haviok, like a devils lock but to the side
o shit nick sismals such a loser, he has his wannabe 1 inch devilsa lock
by lulu May 27, 2004
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2)One who is being silly
"Listen, doiko, what are you doing?"
"You're such a doiko."
by lulu June 4, 2004
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a new and improved medication in helping you deal with your struggles with mentally retarded peoples
When you are fed up with the mentally retarded in today's society, RetarFed!
by lulu March 7, 2004
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a word used in conjunction with s&m, consensual torture, bondage, etc - so that when you say "no" or "stop" in the heat of the moment, the other person can disregard it - the safety word is the serious-i-mean-it-now time-to-stop word. usually something ridiculus like Alabama.
"Why did Jesus die on the cross? Because he forgot his safety word."
by lulu February 9, 2005
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