A person who intentionally or unintentionally causes issues which annoy you.
(can also mean)
A person who will never amount to anything in life.
An older but very immature woman who will do anything to get attention sexually.
Melanie spent most of her life sitting around the house all day thinking of ways to hurt people and trying her best to look hot in the hopes of getting attention of all the males around her.
Little did she know as she focused all of her energy on meaningless things she became a skooter.
by CrumBumMidgetPants February 16, 2010
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Also called a Snail Trail. The act of sliding ones vagina across the face of an unsuspecting victim, usually one who is passed out from acute alcohol sleeps. Similar to the male version called Tea Bagging.
Driver totally Skootered Lora at the after party. I think Lora was awake and enjoying it though.
by Asymptotical October 17, 2014
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generally a cruel person who enjonys punching others in the throut and calling wight people niggars
Whats up skooter.

Fuck you skooter boy.
by annonomistafer April 28, 2008
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A very noisy indiviual, who askes were his drugs come from and not how potient it is. Mostly a person who gets on the nerves of people around him. And this indiviual can't take no for an answer.
"Skooter you done get out here and help this customer."
by Babbaganush March 26, 2009
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when semen is disposed of by pushing it out through the anus, usually after a great deal of sodomy from a male partner.
george: man last night was crazy, i was crapping alot of semen out after you sodomized me with your penis

tyler: i know, you were a real skooter.
by juggernaut IVX July 30, 2010
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The cum that leaks out of a woman's freshly fucked vagina.
(Girl sitting with leg up while on the golf cart)

man walking by: Dude, did you pee your pants???

Girl: no!!! It's your brother's nut, leaking out of my skooter! aka: skooter leak
by curtain convention October 14, 2009
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