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Skill. elite, The Best of the Best.
His prowess on the playing feild surpassed all others.
by Luke May 14, 2003
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Um anyone who wrote a definition is a fuckign idiot because Eliot smith is not a real person. However Elliott Smith is the best artist of our time. You can also call him Steve Smith if u want to get technical
IT'S ELLIOTT SMITH not Elliot Smith
by Luke January 10, 2005
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president of the united states. Likes to pick on brown people, cuz he thinks they are terrorists. did he know that the biggest terrorist organizations is whte? it's called the IRA dumbass. Not to mention He has no clue what the 4th ammendment is, patriot act what?!?! Sucks at the economy, hey lets piss away more money into another war and give al;l the rich peoplesom money back. total moron, I could go on for hours but you'll prolly get bored
Fucking bush is at it again!
by Luke January 23, 2004
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To be hit, beaten, bashed, etc... with extensive force.
"He shouldn't say that... he's going to get lamped"!
by Luke July 12, 2003
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A person prone to become mildly involved with or superficially interested in various subjects instead of developing any specific skill or knowledge to its fullest. Often used to describe amateur or wanna-be artists.
John, a dilettante who played seven muscial instruments, couldn't get a spot in the school band because he didn't play any single instrument well.
by Luke August 23, 2004
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The French word for "jewel"
Pier, please get that bijou out of my pussy.
by Luke June 20, 2003
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tits and ass
Let's join Tae-Bo and get some T and A!
by Luke April 02, 2003
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